Preconstruction Planning

At BKC Contracting, preconstruction planning is crucial to the success of every project we undertake. It’s the summation of the planning services we render before we begin any construction project. Our approach to this is to provide our client with information needed for the project, from budgeting, logistics development, timeline scheduling to construction analysis to architectural drawing.

At the preconstruction planning stage, we are able to identify the potential risks and preventively address them.  This approach helps us in cost management, risk reduction, and timeline schedules, leading to successful project completion.


Construction Phase

At this stage, construction starts to take shape according to the scope of the project. We prepare the site, lay foundation, place reinforcement and pour concrete to create a foundation upon which the building will stand. During the construction phase, we ensure that all materials, equipment and our team are on site so that we can meet the scheduled timeline.

Every construction team is carefully selected and supervised to ensure that work is carried out according to the plan. BKC Contracting has a dedicated team of professionals who are safety-focused and handle compliance requirements and related tasks.


Construction Management

Our approach to construction management at BKC Contracting is quite unique. From the preconstruction plan, construction phase to delivery, we ensured that every project is properly managed and given detailed attention to achieve the project goals without any hassle. This approach helps us save time and money, communicate effectively with our clients and ensure that their goals are met.

Whether your project is small or large, we’ll provide you with a high level of support consistently through the project.  At BKC Contracting, we ensure a practically and financially feasible project every step of the way!